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2022 The Year of Healing

Happy New Year to everyone and cheers to BinaBears starting its' first blog! I decided to use this blog to really dive in deep and celebrate the stories behind each BinaBear I create. Some of the stories are painful, heartfelt, and inspiring. Others are honest, loving, and show what it means to be human. I hope each story brings celebration, love, joy, and healing to your life.

These past two years have been very tough for so many people. So many beautiful humans have gone home to heaven, people have lost their jobs, people have gotten sick, acts of racial injustices are still very present, and people are just very tired of living. I think it's important to look at the complexity of life as a whole; both the joy, and the pain. To think that we should be experiencing one more than the other is a false belief.

After loosing my own grandmother on December 16, 2021, I felt like I didn't know how to move forward.

In loving memory of Melba Dodson

I was tired of loosing people I loved, I was tired of seeing other people go through the same pain. I felt helpless. I wanted to take away other peoples' pain as well as mine. What I realized was that we cannot take away pain. People try to find ways to do so, but we must come to the realization that it can't be taken away.

Think about it in relation to our bodies. If we get a cut, we can't just take away the cut and say okay no more pain! What we can do is take a Tylenol or put Neosporin on the cut. However, the cut is still present, and your body knows that it is present. That is why it starts the healing process, so the damage doesn't spread to other areas of our body. Our bodies are natural healers. Isn't that amazing!

Now, I have learned that the process of healing becomes difficult to understand when you don't know or see where the pain is coming from. Healing our minds and energy and our spirit is something that takes work from the individual experiencing the pain, the person who might have inflicted the pain, and from the loved ones surrounding that person.

How does any of this have to do with BinaBears? Well, to me (Sabrina Evans), I created this business with the intention to celebrate all forms of life and to spread love amongst others in the form of teddy bears.

It has come to my attention that this act not only ignites gratitude amongst others, but it brings healing to people through my BinaBears.

To me. Joy and pain are temporary experiences. Healing is the driving force that keeps us moving forward in the midst of chaos.

I want to keep moving forward while I experience my own joy and pain. I want others to keep moving forward while they too experience joy and pain. I want us to heal collectively through empathy, celebration, and love.

BinaBears' focus this year is on healing. I pray you join me in its' process. Happy 2022!

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