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How Bina Bears Began...


BinaBears was created as a customized keepsake business to celebrate not just the memories but the human beings in our lives. This is the story.


February 18 2010, was a memory that will never fade, I watched my grandmothers' full transition to heaven, I was devastated and moved by this profound experience. As a way to cope with my grief, my amazing mom gifted me a sewing machine and gave me the idea to transform my grandmother’s nightgown into an item that I could hold on to. 

A decade later, after experiencing so much loss of loved ones, I decided to make memory bears using my talent to design items created with sentimental fabrics from friends and families’ loved ones who have also transitioned. I was memorized by the joy and celebration my items brought to life and while reminiscing about the beautiful experiences they shared with the people they loved. I was inundated with orders from my local community, and by Nov. 2020 I decided that I would make this hobby my personal business. 

BinaBears is a sentiment to pay homage to my grandmother. Her special name for me was “Bina”. My business is an expression of my love for my grandmother and belief that we all go through experiences every day, but it's our very own memory that writes the stories of our lives. 

My mission is to handcraft celebration bears that provide healing to those who have experienced loss, share heartfelt stories, and bring actionable awareness to various social causes. I believe that all life is supposed to be celebrated on a daily basis. BinaBears' focus is creating celebration bears that celebrate all stories, even before the end of life. We are living in a time where we are in need of healing, connection, and deep understanding of one another. Handcrafting these celebration bears fosters healing while also connecting people with each other through storytelling. We are Celebrating Life and Spreading Love one BinaBear at a time.

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