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The Ordering Process

 Wondering how to order a BinaBear? Please follow this easy step by step process so you can take home a one of a kind keepsake that celebrates your story.

Take the BinaBear Questionnaire 


Take our BinaBear questionnaire to see what BinaBear is best for your occasion and budget. Receive your results and earn 10% off your purchase. Take the BinaBear Questionnaire here.


Share your story


Want to add an additional 5% off your purchase? 


Don't miss out on the opportunity to share with us the story behind your BinaBear. Combined with your completed questionnaire, you'll receive an additional 5% off your entire purchase. click here to receive a total of 15% off your order!




" I want to ship clothing material":    We will send you a packing slip for FREE right after your BinaBear purchase so you can put your sentimental clothing inside. It is then your responsibility to ship the items back to us either using the slip we provided or one of your choosing

" I don't have clothing material to ship:"    Perfect! Skip this step.

" I live in San Diego, do I need to ship?":    Nope! At check out you may choose to have a personal contact with the crafter Sabrina to exchange materials and the finished product.


Completed BinaBear


Once you ship us your sentimental clothing material, your work is done! You will receive your one of a kind, customized BinaBear within 2-3 weeks of purchase.


Need Help?

See if you can find your answer in our FAQ page!

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