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Introducing the Classic BinaBear Blend, a handmade bear that combines the affordability of our standard BinaBear design with customizable options. With this bear, the crafter can customoize the sentimental clothing material to fit the bear and still enjoy its larger size. Perfect for hugging, cuddling, and preserving your cherished memories, this unique blend offers the best of both worlds. Order your Classic BinaBear Blend today and experience the joy of a personalized bear that you can cherish for years to come.


Features and Details:

  • Height =14 in
  • 1 zipper sewn on the back
  • Perfect for those who desire a more affordable yet customized bear

Classic BinaBear Blend

  • -Polyester fibers ( hypoallogenic,made from recycled material )

    - Polyester thread

    • Do not wash. Wipe with damp cloth
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