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 The Story Behind Your BinaBear


This is your opportunity to share with us the story behind your BinaBear. Your story is powerful, valuable, and something to celebrate always. Whether it's a story of grief, pain, joy, or gratitude. These emotions and experiences connects us all as human beings. Your narrative not only enriches your keepsake but also inspires the crafter, helping them sew a one-of-a-kind treasure designed to be held close forever.

NOTE: By submitting this form, you are giving permission for BinaBears to share your heartfelt story on all of our social media platforms and on our website.  In combination with completing the BinaBear Questionnaire, you will receive a total of 15% off your entire purchase as a way for us to say thank you for sharing your story! If you haven't already, take the BinaBear Questionnaire here.

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